How long are the trips?

Normally a week, the most common thing is to set sail on a Saturday at 5pm and return on a Friday at 5pm, although each base has its own rules, for example in the Balearic Islands there are companies that embark on Friday and return on Thursday or from Sunday to Saturday, although they are exceptions to the rule. In the Caribbean there are charters of 5, 7, 9 and 10 days, so boarding days are more flexible.

There is also a one-day Charter, in Motorboats we can be more flexible, since the speed of these allows quick approaches and an excursion in 4 hours although in the sailboats, given their speed, any minimum excursion requires a day of 8 hours. Usually from 10 to 18 or 11 to 19 both departure and arrival are usually not exact and are agreed upon in advance with the captain.
These are the minimum times of the excursions, from this point onwards, hours can be extended by paying a supplement or by making trips of several days simply by multiplying the daily cost by the number of days desired.

What is included in the price?

– Boat rental during the established time
– Boat insurance
– Liability insurance
– Navigation and anchoring permits* (sometimes anchoring permits are paid separately)

– Final cleaning
– Depending on the base, it usually includes fuels (diesel, gasoline from the auxiliary boat, cooking gas…). Ask when booking.

– Auxiliary boat to make landings on the beaches.
– In most cases it includes an auxiliary boat engine, but not in all, confirm at the time of rental
– All the safety elements required by law, including vests (If minors come, the captain must be informed when hiring so that he has the appropriate vests for their age)

What is not included in the price?

– Bail.

– Bail in case of not having a captain. You can bring your own provisions and store them on the boat, which has a refrigerator and stove for your use.
– Provisioning service (purchasing and transporting food or drinks), whatever you need, you can bring it, but it is not the function of either the company or the captain to do so.
– Entertainment material, on long voyages it is common to bring games, cards, inflatables, masks and fins… you can bring this material, since the boats do not have it

What extra expenses may I have?

– In the case of motorboats, there is only the fuel variable, as an approximate guide, it will be €100 for half a day and €200 for a full day.
– In the case of sailboats, the price is usually final.
– In both cases food and drink both inside and outside the boat.

-Some anchoring permits are paid to the national park or company that manages it

Captain yes or Captain no?

On day charters, most boats have a Captain included, who will do the duties of a captain, providing the necessary security and local information.

For rentals of more than one day, the captain or hostess is paid separately.

What does the Captain contribute?

Its function is to manage the boat, this entails:

– Check that it is in perfect condition for the client and the journey to be made.
– Execute navigation maneuvers.
– Knowledge of marine bass and tides
– Meteorological situation analysis
– Explain the use of the boat to improve your enjoyment.
– Take care of the safety on board of the entire crew.

Its function is not:

– Be a professional instructor or guide. (In any case, the conversations held in relation to the operation of the vessel or the region are merely informal.)
– Be a cook.
– Be a waiter.
– Clean during the journey
– Take charge of food logistics.

Where is the port of shipment?

Each rental has its base, you can search for the boat by base.

Is there parking at the port?

Normally not, although sometimes the yacht operator provides that service.

How is the contract formalized?

Once the reservation has been made and availability confirmed, full payment for the boat will be made via bank transfer.

Could there be alterations to the boat?

If you have rented a boat and it is not available for the reserved date, it will be replaced with one with similar or superior characteristics.

What happens if I have to cancel my reservation?

– The cancellation policy does not contemplate a financial refund in any case.
– The rentals are transferable ownership, so if they could not enjoy it, they could transfer it to another owner of their choice.