General terms and conditions

  • All the fares do not include VAT so you will have to add 21%.(EU companies excluded)
  • Skipper included
  • Crew assistant (if needed) 125€/ day or 700€/ week.
  • Car parking in the homeport free.
  • Docking ports out of the homeport are not included (30-70€ per day if needed)
  • Fuel and Gas included.
  • Final Cleaning included.
  • Cies Natural Park license included.
  • Bedclothes & Towels 15€ per rent and set if needed.
  • Pneumatics (Dinghy) and engine for it included.
  • The boat has an insurance policy that covers any damage, to third parties and liability, which covers the passengers in the boat and also in the loading and unloading.
  • No Deposit
  • The skipper could teach sailing practice lessons and sign a certificate (for future rentings) if necessary.
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